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Online Math Tutoring

By - IB Teacher and IB Examiner

My Belief

Embarking on a mathematical journey can be daunting, but I firmly believe that with the right attitude, "Mathematics is not IMPOSSIBLE." Grades will follow you once you cultivate the necessary skills and approach towards learning.
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Sheefalii Tanejaa

Math Formulas and a Calculator

My Vision

Teach students to visualize the concepts in Mathematics and to instil in students a profound understanding of mathematical concepts by connecting them to the world around us.

What I Teach

IB - DP - Mathematics
  •  Application and Interpretation SL / HL

  • Analysis and Approaches SL

IB - MYP -Mathematics

  • MYP - 4

  • MYP - 5

IGCSE Mathematics 
  • Core, Extended (0580)

  • International (0607)

  • Additional (0606)


Illuminating Math

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