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Something About Me & My Teaching Style

​Ever wondered how you could make Mathematics an exciting journey rather than a daunting challenge? Let's re-spark the love for Mathematics, a passion that seems to be missing in the lives of many students.
As a passionate Math teacher, I find joy in transforming students' lives by fostering confidence in Mathematics and offering support as a counsellor when needed. Often, the journey of teaching begins with counselling, in order to create a lasting impact on learning.

Teaching Experience

With nearly two decades of experience, I have enriched exposure to delivering curricula such as IB ( MYP, DP ) and IGCSE, providing a deep understanding of their expectations.
Having served as an IB Examiner for 10 years, I am attuned to the minute details required for delivering this curriculum.
 I have had the privilege of teaching a diverse range of nationalities, including Indian, American, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Swedish students.

Teaching Strategies

I believe in majorly focusing on developing a deep understanding of concepts and the relevant skills to apply and transfer knowledge effectively.
My teaching strategies are tailored to the individual needs and understanding of students. Through close observation of their work and thought processes students continuously receive constructive feedback and strategies based on their areas of struggle.
Consider me your Online Math Doctor.
In an era of smart work, I guide my students to practice using strategic approaches, emphasizing quality over quantity.


My strength lies in my ability to help students change their perspective towards Math, which is often misunderstood as a challenging subject, despite being the most interesting and logical. It's time to break down the fear wall that even parents pass on to their children.
 I've taught students ranging from those with a Math phobia to those with high aptitude, and those who applied the tips, tricks, and strategies have expressed gratitude for their lifelong learning. The skills acquired often transfer into other subjects, resulting in improved overall performance.
Every student who has joined my classes has witnessed improvement in their understanding and performance. 
Grade improvement ranges from 2 to 4 
"Achieving the answers should not be the goal; true growth lies when one rationalizes the process and dives deeper to unveil the reasons; until then, one is learning only at a superficial level. Success lies in always being curious.”
     If you are ready to take Mathematics to the next level, contact me.
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